Music Technology Course Syllabi

Music Technology Course Syllabi

Music 246 Introduction to Creative Digital Music

A Musical Introduction to Music 246 

Music 346 Computer Music Programming Design (Spring)

Music 446 Sound Synthesis Design for Electronic Music (Fall)

Special Note for Spring 2022 (current as of 10/15/2021)

Spring semester 2022 music technology courses (Music 246, 346) will be taught in hybrid mode. Instruction will be virtual using Canvas Chat, Conversations, and Discussion. Class meetings will be held synchronously.  Students may attend class meetings in a specially-equipped open-access lab, or may select an online-access accommodation. If selecting the online-access accommodation, students may attend using their own computers from a location that meets their personal needs.  There is no separate registration required for the online-access accommodation, and all students must attend during normal class meeting hours (synchronous instruction).  In order to provide as equitable a learning learning experience as possible, the syllabus, schedule of assignments, projects, and exams will be the same for students attending online or from the lab.

Note requirements for the online-access attendance:  a student's computer system and personal computing practices must satisfy requirements for the course software  This can be determined by completing special assignments during the first week of class meetings.  

Note lab mask-wearing and distancing policy: the lab will conform to current university policies.  Cleaning supplies are available in the lab for students who wish to sanitize their work station.  Custodial services for the lab do not include cleaning computers, keyboards, or furniture. Seats are approximately 3-feet distant.